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In Matilda, together with the team of the CCMA, we have designed and programmed the special “El Judici del procés” which can be consulted on the website This special makes available to the user all the available information about the trial.

Aussie You Too

We designed and programmed this incredible web with animations, a questionnaire in Slide, 100% editable and up to the last detail in responsive. In addition, the design, the user experience and the web architecture have helped us to create YouTooProject from the same root.


Scal-e provides digital marketing solutions. They themselves gave us the design of all the web screens and we in Matilda, we designed and programmed them. Thus, they have achieved the results they wanted: modern transitions with soft animations, discrete but without being static.


The Mery mops, within the Rayen group, were in the process of renewing their image. So, we work together with the Nomon agency, responsible for this transformation to help them plan the web. The synergies and the work of the two teams gave fruit to a 100% responsive, clean and effective website. In addition, we… Read more »

Marketplace Festivalet

After programming and adapting the design of the Festivalet & Petit Festivalet websites, we have created an online market for artists and artisans open 24/7. With a design adapted to the taste of its creators, it invites the purchase. All artisans have their own administrator where they can edit, upload and take care of theri… Read more »


Londji is a very special toy brand: we have known each other for a long time and we are in love with their products. They returned to Matilda wanting to renew their Home and make their web more responsive, so we got down to work. When analyzing the user experience, we also decided to create… Read more »


We have been collaborating with Vanilla, a communication and advertising agency, for a long time. We were very excited to create your website with a custom-made theme. As they are also design specialists they provided us with a design and we created a completely customizable and manageable website. The web is based on a video… Read more »

Player II

It has been a great pleasure to work with Player II: they were very clear about what kind of web they wanted and they are very professional team. They sent us the design and we, in Matilda, developed the website. Check out how great it is :) The web narration is based on their product:… Read more »


In this project we collaborate with one of our favorite design and branding agencies in Barcelona: The Coffe Pot. They carried out their creative campaign and provided us with a web design. We created a WordPress Multisite from that design, since the French and Spanish versions use two different domains. Now, these two pages show… Read more »


With this website producer CANADA continues its tradition of excellence and originality. The site lists all of its projects, and also a journal that reflects the concerns of its three founding directors, news related to the producer and a powerful search tool for its prolific archive, where the user can personalize its own coils.